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34 old raths are held in great reverence, and their demolition or mutilation is considered as sacrilegious.’ O/S Memoirs, Parishes of County Antrim, I, vol. 2, Parish of Carnmoney, James Boyle, April 1839. (p. 99) ‘In Ballyhenry and holding of John McCrum stands a very ancient thorn, said to be dreaded by night. Information obtained from John Fee, Thomas McCombs, George Tolan and others. 4th March 1839.’ O/S Memoirs, Parishes of County Antrim, I, vol. 2, Parish of Carnmoney, James Boyle, April 1839. (p. 99) ’In Ballyveasey and holding of David Biggars also stands a gentle bush, said to be the haunt of fairies, and as such much dreaded by the local inhabitants.’ Belfast Newsletter, 20 October 1843, Fairy Bushes. On Thursday night last, a singular circumstance occurred at Sessiamagarral Fort, about a mile from Benburb, in the County Tyrone. On the morning of Friday last, a pit was found dug from North to South of the above-mentioned fort, about twenty-five feet in length, 8 in breadth and 12 in depth; and its calculated that the united efforts of less than 20 men could not have performed the labour in one night, and persons from all parts of the surrounding country have flocked to see it for the past few days, whilst the people in the vicinity profess total ignorance of the means by which the work was accomplished or the immediate object of it. Being in the neighbourhood, spending a day with a friend with a friend, we had the curiosity to visit it and whilst at the fort heard the following various conjectures among the visitors – Some imagined that the pit was dug by a money-dreamer and a number of his friends, and supported this conjecture by pointing out a round hole at the one extremity of it, such as might be occupied by a crock or firkin. Others more ignorant, asserted their opinion that it was the work of “themselves” of the “good people” as they term fairies; whilst another party amongst whom we were, conjectured that arms had been concealed there, probably since ’98 and were now intended to be to be put in readiness at this eventful crisis. This having occurred simultaneously with the active measures taken by the Government for the

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