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The RED BOOK Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Catalog

Liber Novus | 61 ( see previous also ) Image 93: In Black Book 7, in Jung’s fantasy of October 7, 1917, he encounters a figure named Ha, who claims to be the father of Philemon. As a black magician, Ha knows the runes, which Jung wants to learn. Although Ha does not want to teach him, he shows some examples, which Jung’s soul asks him to explain. Jung appended the date “10 September 1917” to the runes in this painting. Ha explained: “If you have managed to move the arc forward, you make a bridge below and move upward and downward from the center, or you separate above and below, split the sun again and crawl like the serpent over the upper and receive the lower. You take with you what you have experienced and go forward to something new” (p.11). Illumination page 93 | Mandala 93 1917

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