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The RED BOOK Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Catalog

30 | the Red Book Fine Art Prints This image is part of a sequence which symbolically depicts the regeneration of Izdubar, and was painted in January 1917. The entire sequence depicts the rebirth of God in Jung’s soul, and represents a renewal of life and vitality. Julius Eggling notes that “Brihaspati or Brâhmanaspati, the lord of prayer or worship, takes the place of Agni, as the representative of the priestly dignity…In Rig-Veda X. 68.9…Brihaspati is said to have found (avindat) the dawn, the sky and the fire (agni) and to have chased away the darkness with his light (arka, sun), he seems rather to represent the element of light and fire generally” (Sacred Books of the East 12 p.xvi). TRANSLATION OF IMAGE TEXT : “Amen, you are the lord of the beginning. Amen, you are the star of the East. Amen, you are the flower that blooms over everything. Amen, you are the deer that breaks out of the forest. Amen you are the song that sounds far over the water. Amen, you are the beginning and the end.” INSCRIPTION TRANSLATION : “brahmaņaspati” Illumination page 54 | The Incantations 54 January, 1917

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