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The RED BOOK Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Catalog

Liber Novus | 37 This image is part of a sequence which symbolically depicts the regeneration of Izdubar. The entire sequence depicts the rebirth of God in Jung’s soul, and represents a renewal of life and vitality. The face of the monster is similar to the historiated initial on p. 29, heading the chapter ‘Death’ TRANSLATION OF IMAGE Text : “I have slain a precious human sacrifice for you, a youth and old man. I have cut my skin with a knife, I have sprinkled your altar with my own blood. I have banished my father and mother so that you can live with me. I have turned my night into day and went about at midday like a sleepwalker. I have overthrown all the Gods, broken the laws, eaten the impure. I have thrown down my sword and dressed in women’s clothing, I shattered my firm castle and played like a child in the sand. I saw warriors form into line of battle and I destroyed my suit of armor with a hammer. I planted my field and let the fruit decay. I made small everything that was great and made everything great that was small. I exchanged my furthest goal for the nearest, and so I am ready.” Illumination page 61 | The Incantations 61 1917

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