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The RED BOOK Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Catalog

34 | the Red Book Fine Art Prints This image is part of a sequence which symbolically depicts the regeneration of Izdubar. The entire sequence depicts the rebirth of God in Jung’s soul, and represents a renewal of life and vitality. In “Dreams,” Jung wrote: “17 I 1917. Tonight: awful and formidable avalanches come crashing down the mountainside, like utterly nightmarish clouds, they will fill the valley on whose rim I am standing on the opposite side. I know that I must take flight up the mountain to avoid the dreadful catastrophe. This dream is explained in the Black Book in strange terms, in an entry bearing the same date. On 17 I 1917 I produced a drawing with red spots on page 58 of Lib. Nov. On 18 I 1917 I read about the current formation of huge sunspots” (p.2). TRANSLATION OF IMAGE TEXT - Excerpt : “We are miserable without you and wear out our songs. We spoke all the words that our heart gave us. What else do you want? What else shall we fulfill for you? We open every door for you. We bend our knees where you want us to. We go to all points of the compass according to your wish. We carry up what is below, and we turn what is above into what is below, as you command. We give and take according to your wish...” Illumination page 58 | The Incantations 58 January, 1917

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