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The RED BOOK Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Catalog

Liber Novus | 33 This image is part of a sequence which symbolically depicts the regeneration of Izdubar. The entire sequence depicts the rebirth of God in Jung’s soul, and represents a renewal of life and vitality. TRANSLATION OF IMAGE TEXT : “Rise up, you gracious fire of old night. I kiss the threshold of your beginning. My hand prepares the rug and spreads abundant red flowers before you. Rise up my friend, you who lay sick, break through the shell. We have prepared a meal for you. Gifts have been prepared for you. Dancers await you. We have built a house for you. You servants stand ready. We drove herds together for you on green fields. We filled your cup with red wine. We set out fragrant fruit on golden dishes. We knock at your prison and lay our cars against it. The hours lengthen, tarry no longer. We are wretched without you and our song is worn out.” Illumination page 57 | The Incantations 57 January, 1917

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