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The RED BOOK Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Catalog

Liber Novus | 39 This image is part of a sequence which symbolically depicts the regeneration of Izdubar. The entire sequence depicts the rebirth of God in Jung’s soul, and represents a renewal of life and vitality. Satapatha-brâhmana 2.2.4 (Sacred Books of the East, vol. 12) provides the cosmological justification behind the Agnihotra. It commences by describing how Prajapati, desiring to be reproduced, produced from Agni from his mouth. Prajapati offered himself to Agni, and saved himself from Death as he was about to be devoured. The Agnihotra (lit. fire healing) is a Vedic ritual performed at sunrise and sunset. The performers purify themselves, light a sacred fire, and chant verse and a prayer to Agni. In “Dreams,” Jung noted on February 4, 1917: “Started work on the Opening of the Egg (Image)” (p.5). This indicates that the image depicts the regeneration of Izdubar from the egg. A similar solar barge is also seen in image 55 INSCRIPTION TRANSLATION : “catapatha-brâhmanam 2.2.4.” Illumination page 64 | The Opening of the Egg 64 February, 1917

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