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8|A SENTENCE APART | Discussion Guide | FACILITATION TIPS & CREATING A SAFE SPACE Incarceration is an issue that touches everyone in the room- whether you know someone who is behind bars, have and a personal experience with the criminal justice system, or are concerned about how your state or the federal government allocates money and sets policy affecting prisoners. It is important to set community agreements that allow everyone to participate equally, and share their opinions and experiences without judgement. Here are some examples of agreements, feel free to invite participants to share additional ones. • Mutual Respect: We come to this space with the goal to learn together, we will treat each other with dignity and respect. • Confidentiality: What is shared in the room, stays in the room. • Agree to Disagree: Just because we do not share the same beliefs, does not mean we cannot have a friendly debate. There is not one right or wrong answer. • Challenge the idea, not the person: It is okay to disagree, but do so in a way that does not put others down. • Step Up, Step Back: We want to hear everyone’s voice so if you have been participating a lot, encourage those who have not shared to bring their ideas and experiences to the room. Linda Williams on the Chowchilla Express bus. Still from A Sentence Apart Tanea Lunsford looks at letters sent from her father in prison. Still from A Sentence Apart