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14|A SENTENCE APART | Discussion Guide | Rehabilitation: By means of education or therapy, to support an individual to return to a position to be helpful to society, and themselves. Recidivism: The rearrest, reconviction, or return to prison during a three-year period following a prisoner’s release. AFTER THE FILM SAMPLE ACTIVITIES THAT GO DEEPER: ACTIVITY 1: SENTENCE STARTER GALLERY WALK ACTIVITY Goals: • Understand rehabilitation and recidivism as key principles affecting incarceration • Look at the intersection of social issues such as housing, education, and health • Develop critical thinking skills to propose solutions to real world problems Materials: • Butcher Paper • Markers Time: 45 Minutes–1 Hour SAMPLE ACTIVITIES THAT GO DEEPER: ACTIVITY 3: SLIDES & LADDERS DIRECTIONS: On the board, write out the definitions for “Rehabilitation” and “Recidivism”. Ask the group to put the word “rehabilitation” in their own words. Based on the film, and the statistics presented in the workshop, do they think the current prison system is successful at rehabilitation? What do they think successful rehabilitation looks like and what kind of programs or initiatives would they create? Ask the group to share ideas to stop recidivism. What programs would they propose to stop the cycle of incarceration and support their definition of rehabilitation? (continued on next page)