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12|A SENTENCE APART | Discussion Guide | AFTER THE FILM SAMPLE ACTIVITIES THAT GO DEEPER: ACTIVITY 1: SENTENCE STARTER GALLERY WALK ACTIVITY Goals: • To acknowledge and discuss - To process the film and reflect on the themes and images presented in the film Materials: • Butcher Paper • Markers Time: 20–30 minutes DIRECTIONS: The facilitator will write the following statements on separate pieces of butcher paper. Post the butcher papers on the walls and invite participants to walk around the room, spending about 2 minutes on each paper, then rotating to the next one. After everyone has written their responses on the butcher papers, invite participants to share. • I was surprised when … • It bothered me when … • The person in the film I can relate to the most is _________ because… • I agree/do not agree with … • I had a similar experience when … • Some other issues raised in the film include … Cheyanne Torres travels to meet her dad, recently released from jail. Still from A Sentence Apart