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15|A SENTENCE APART | Discussion Guide | Education, poverty, housing, and economic development are social issues that have a tremendous effect on incarceration, and represent missed opportunities for intervention and an opportunity to address rehabilitation and recidivism. Divide the group into four groups: housing, health, education, and relationships. Each group will receive examples of “Slides” or social issues that can affect parents negatively. On a piece of butcher paper, invite each group to write out their “Slides” and draw a visual representation. On the same sheet ask them to draw a “Ladder” and write out and draw a visual representation of ways that this social problem could be addressed through new approaches, initiatives, laws, programs, and priorities in budgeting. For this activity, there are no restrictions- ask them to be creative and propose their dream solutions. No idea is too big or impossible! Invite each group to share their Slides and Ladders and explain how their ladders would address recidivism and promote their definition of rehabilitation. SLIDES AFTER THE FILM Housing 9% of parents in prison were homeless in the year before the arrest leading to their current imprisonment. Education 38% of parents in prison do not have a high school diploma or GED. Health 57% of parents in prison have mental health problems. Relationships 20% of parents in prison were physically or sexually abused prior to their imprisonment.