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Val D\'Orcia

22 Even the train may be a precious means for exploring Val d’Orcia. Left behind by ordinary traffic in 1994, the line connecting Siena with the stations in Monte Antico and Grosseto via Asciano, Torrenieri and the Asso valley is currently serviced from spring to autumn by Treno Natura. These trains allow you to appreciate the hills and woodlands, stop off in all the stations and enjoy the villages and isolated monuments. Trekkers and bikers may get off in one station, strike out on their own, and then board again later in a different station. On occasion, local festivals, food fairs or concerts by choir groups or town bands lend the trip an atmosphere of a travelling show. Usually Littorine wagons from the 1950s run on this line, but sometimes old third-class centoporte wagons with wooden seats are led by a puffing steam locomotive from the beginning of the 1900s. The slow haul of the steam locomotive is particularly in tune with the harmony to be found in Val d’Orcia. The nature Train An old steam locomotive VALDORCIA_INT_ING 30-07-2009 18:48 Pagina 22

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