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Val D\'Orcia

Not only – it is also an ongoing locution that we risk interrupting with our sudden, fragmented comments. And so, in this refuge of solitude, as the day takes leave for men and all life, abandoning the hollows of the hills and eclipsing among the crevices of arid mounds, the soul is filled with nostalgia for loved ones and contact with the human world: because it is precisely in isolation that wholeness may be best appreciated. The heart passes from a state of melancholy to one of universal generosity that is born of an acute perception of the frailty of humanity, life and beauty – of all that is hoped for and promised. Mario Luzi from ‘Terra di vento e di deserto’ in Mi guarda Siena 9 VALDORCIA_INT_ING 30-07-2009 18:48 Pagina 9

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