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At Henry Building Systems we are always asked, “How is your price compared to pole sheds?” Our answer is simple, “compare apples to apples”, and we will always beat the price of post frame buildings. Most building manufacturers, both wood and steel, will have to offer customers substantial and expensive upgrades to equal the strength, life expectancy, and energy efficiency of an HBS building. Some of the more common things to look for are: FACT… Truss spacing; a pole shed must have trusses 4 foot apart to even come close to the strength of HBS steel trusses, but the pole shed will still be 100% weaker. FACT… A building constructed with screws is 30% stronger than a building constructed with nails. All HBS buildings are constructed with premium screw fasteners. FACT… The HBS commercial concrete and steel system is 100% to 300% stronger than a pole shed with wooden poles set either in the soil or in concrete. FACT… All HBS buildings are factory designed to take all types of insulation at no additional cost. In fact, HBS has the highest energy efficiency of any building ever designed for the North Country. Most pole sheds require substantial additional costs to install insulation. FACT… An HBS building have purlins and girts 24” on center, mounted horizontal to the ground, not vertical. Most pole sheds have girts 36” or 48” on center lying on their side, the very weakest way to install lumber. Thank you for contacting Henry Building Systems. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-218-863-6445.