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COMPETITIVELY PRICED WITH POLE SHEDS At HBS we’re often asked “How competitive are you with Pole Shed?” And our answer has always been we’re “darned competitive.” Historically, Steel and Concrete buildings have always been 30-50% more expensive than pole type sheds. Yet, I’ve never met a customer who preferred a wood and dirt building versus a steel and concrete building, the reason a customer buys a pole shed is price. Indeed since starting my own business, I’ve owned 2 pole sheds, and the over-riding reason was always the cost. At HBS we studied every facet of the cost problem and came to the conclusion that most steel buildings are sold through distributors and then to contractors, often with 2 additional “price mark-ups” - this prices steel buildings out of the market. To overcome this problem we sell HBS buildings direct to the customer. Buying direct from the factory can save thousands compared with other steel buildings. Although we can’t match the prices of pole sheds, yet, the 10-15% price difference for a steel building makes HBS more than just competitive. It makes HBS the finest, strongest building available. Please take a few minutes to read the HBS literature. Look at the features that make HBS the industry leader, look at the care in design, construction and quality control that make HBS more than just competitive, but simply the best building available at any price. HENRY BUILDING SYSTEMS, SIMPLY THE STRONGEST BUILDING AVAILABLE