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Commonly asked questions about Henry Building Systems: Are Henry Building Systems “engineered” buildings? Of course the answer is YES. Henry Building Systems has our own professional engineer and architectural draftsman. We encourage you to ask our competition the same question. Most of our competitors do not have Professional Engineers. As a matter of fact, most of the competition hire consultants. At Henry Building Systems, we want engineers who work 100% on premium building systems, not on a consulting basis. Your price seems very low compared with other steel buildings? Henry Building Systems is the premium building system on the market today and we do keep our prices low. HBS has a modern steel fabrication facility (46,000 sq. ft.) located in Pelican Rapids, MN. We sell direct to our customer. In many cases this eliminates two additional markups. Often competitive steel buildings are sold through distributors and then to an independent contractor. Your price is even as low as pole sheds? Although we normally can’t match the price of pole sheds, we are competitive. It has taken a tremendous amount of dedication from the best employees in the business focused on manufacturing the highest quality buildings available at any price. The fact is, HBS’s steel and concrete buildings will be standing years and years after pole sheds have long been demolished. Could you lower your price if you used wooden poles instead of steel? Yes we could, but would it be worth it? Ask our customers. HBS’s customers are looking for the highest quality building. Comments we hear from our customers often include statements such as: “I want a building that appreciates in value” and “this is a major investment for me, I want the best”. The facts are stated clearly “a treated wooden pole starts to decay the minute it comes in contact with dirt.” The decay is of such a substantial nature that after 20 years a treated pole can be completely rotted through (we have customers who have experienced this). How do we know Henry Building Systems will be here in the future? Henry Building Systems has been manufacturing structural steel since 1982. Over the years we’ve developed the reputation for manufacturing the highest quality products available. You’ll find our structural steel in some of the most prestigious construction projects nationwide. Because of HBS’s expertise in this market, it was a natural extension of our business to offer the complete HBS system to all customers. You’ll repeatedly hear HBS called the strongest buildings available. That’s true—simply put, Henry Building Systems are the strongest, highest quality buildings available. From a price/value relationship, no other building system even comes close.