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7 The Chub Scout was designed by the Bracht Brothers, Tom and Dave, and is geared towards East Coast style conditions in the United States, although it has been proven in all types of conditions. This board has a wider mid point, which comes to a more pointy nose to enable drive down the line, but also maxi- mizing the side-slipping and float. The Chub Scout has a ton of pop for tricks and a large surface area to keep speed after sticking your tricks. 100-155 lbs. 140-200 lbs 200+lbs. 100-155 lbs. 140-200 lbs 200+lbs. 50.25” x 21.25” 52.13” x 22.13” 54.50” x 23.75” 51” x 20.78” 51” x 21.25” 52.84” x 22.00” S M L S M L CHUB SCOUT DC 2.0 This shape is shorter and wider than your normal skim- board. It has a ton of float and great maneuvering due to the wing on each side to bring the tail in as well, as the swallow-tail feature. A great board for smaller conditions and riders looking for a very stable ride. * Based off the wildly popular Dude! Cruise shape, the Dude! Cruise 2.0 was developed for the rider who wants all the speed and float that the Dude! Cruise offers with more control in larger wave conditions. The pin tail does a great job with holding on turning especially in larger and steeper wave conditions. *Pintail also available at no extra charge which typically helps the rider hold rail on larger size waves, where the swallow tail may be a little loose. GROM CRUISE YACHT CRUISE SHIP USS EXCELSIOR >135 lbs. 95-160 lbs. 140-200 lbs. 190+ lbs. 48.50” x 20.40” 50.30” x 21.00” 50.50” x 21.40” 52.50” x 22.00” DUDE! CRUISE NEW! DUDE CRUISE! TWO POINT O

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