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8 (for DBL Carbon Epoxy Only) COMPETITION WEIGHT For the rider that is willing to sacri- fice a touch of strength to have the lightest, most responsive board in the world. STANDARD WEIGHT Our industry leading standard build DURAWEIGHT* added material for superior strength in tough conditions. Preferred by rid- ers in windy conditions WEIGHT 3/4” 5/8” (Thin) More responsive but not quite as buoyant. (thick) more buoyant and less responsive. all 3/4” boards come tapered to 5/8” in nose and tail, unless otherwise specified. THICKNESS SUPER-G Economy + Quality for the Youth. See the Super G page for all the de- tails and improvements on this great grom board! ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ $245.- EX1 Economy + Quality for all size riders. See the EX1 page for all the details on this brand new board for Exile. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ $299.- RECRUIT The perfect combination of a quality Vinylester resin system and E-glass reinforcement for the rider moving up, but not ready to fully commit to the Epoxy line. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ $340.- MATERIALS E-GLASS EPOXY: E-glass is the most common fiber reinforcement used in the composites world.It is heavier than S-glass but less expensive and has more flex than S-glass and Carbon. A great board for the price, and the tip of our high end line. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ $390.- S-GLASS EPOXY: S-glass is stronger and lighter than E-glass. Combined with our advanced Epoxy system, these boards are in- credibly tough, as well as light. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ $415.- DOUBLE CARBON EPOXY: Our DBL Carbon Epoxy boards are still our most sought after. We set the bar with this board, and continue to do so. Carbon is practically synonymous with top of the line in any industry. This fabric is highly coveted for its extreme strength and stiff-ness. Exile uses only Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber, making these boards stronger, stiffer and a little lighter than our fiberglass boards. Truly the best skimboard money can buy. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ $459.- GLOSSY: Showroom finish NT FINISH (NEW TEXTURE FINISH): This finish combines the strength of our classic textured finish, with great cosmetics for improved looks with no compromise in strength. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ A win/win for all! CLASSIC TEXTURE FINISH: Light, Strong, Durable, and preferred by riders who put more emphasis on performance than cosmetics. This is the finish the company was built on and the golden standard in which oth- ers imitate. FINISH

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