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Marking Pin 24 Dian Reka Teknik | CALL : +6224 7035 6080 / email : D 4 5 6 8 10 12 16 20 30 L 6 8 8 10 10 12 14 14 25 Material : SUS420 How to Order : Hardness : 50-53 HRC TYPE D x Qty DMP 6YM x 10 pcs TYPE Year & Months Months Years Days 2nd Digit 1st Digit Shifts Letters Blank DMP 4YM 4MT 4YR 4DY 4DA 4DB 4SF 4AL 4BL 5YM 5MT 5YR 5DY 5DA 5DB 5SF 5AL 5BL 6YM 6MT 6YR 6DY 6DA 6DB 6SF 6AL 6BL 8YM 8MT 8YR 8DY 8DA 8DB 8SF 8AL 8BL 10YM 10MT 10YR 10DY 10DA 10DB 10SF 10AL 10BL 12YM 12MT 12YR 12DY 12DA 12DB 12SF 12AL 12BL 16YM 16MT 16YR 16DY 16DA 16DB 16SF 16AL 16BL 20YM 20MT 20YR 20DY 20DA 20DB 20SF 20AL 20BL 30YM 30MT 30YR 30DY 30DA 30DB 30SF 30AL 30BL SPI (SOCIETY OF PLASTIC INDUSTRY) RM-1 RM-2 RM-3 RM-4 RM-5 RM-6 RM-7 Alteration and Modification Are Available Upon Request.

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