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Day Events Brochure

21.Century, the Golden Age of the Technology and Communication… Emphatic effect of internet in communication sector accelerate the quick adaptation of “virtual world” into our lives but brought some side-effects that we didn’t predict… Now, we are evolving from a person touches & feels before buy to someone who make online shopping from the top hit web-site. Online marketing companies encourage the fast-consuming by disregard the contents of products and decorate them with promising words… In the meantime, quality products became the comparable items with the other half-costed products produced not for quality but for sales-volume… Quality level decreasing every day. New vendors wearing latest model blinders, having great ego, craving for earn more money with less effort enter the market with their well-designed website full with fancy words & great pageranks. Those elements lower the quality of the work day by day… In that realitynnnnnnnnnnnnn proceed in its way like a gentle breeze in a warm day, recognized by every step. Our aim is being indispensable with our innovative, dynamic, creative and positive perspective… Our self-confidence based on very simple and fragile virtue that we care the most; “good will” Whatever we do, small or big job, “good will” is the solid rule that always over our heads… We walk on our path with the patience of a newly sprouted seed because we believe that anything started with “good will” will be finalize perfectly, even if it takes time… For that reason, we only accept the work that we believe its soul and success… Besides our professionalism in the mechanic part of the business, our other strong part is being positive… Because good work & service needs a soul and positive feelings are the supporter of soul… DAY EVENTS

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